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Detoxing with the Medical Medium

healing foods

Following my last post, which summarized my medical findings The Lab Results Are In.  The results included high levels of mercury, hypothyroidism, genetic markers related to blood sugar/cardiac, blah, blah, blah . . . I have some healing hope over the past six months.

First, I did fold and went on a short trial of thyroid medication to jump start functioning for lack of a better idea and true desperation. However, I am happy to say, that following two rounds, I am now off of the medication and appear to be functioning without it.

Since I came into all of this eating consistent with Paleo-like diet, but was still experiencing some blood sugar irregularities, Dr. Margie Ikeda and I thought perhaps increasing the fats would better help regulate my blood sugar. I transitioned from the Paleo to a 3:1 high fat/protein ketogenic diet for approximately four months.  Any time I shift my diet (usually to limiting more and more foods), I generally feel a little better initially, but then I hit a wall and return to my ‘new normal’.   With the Keto diet, I of course enjoyed the foods, because it was in my comfort zone (protein and vegetables), but I greatly missed fruits.  I also do not like the idea of limiting vegetables based on their carbohydrate levels, aside from the starch-based (i.e., corn, potato, etc.) of course.

One of the practitioners I am currently seeing, Dr. Dick Shepherd, and his wonderful wife Noel directed me toward a book, Medical Medium. I had never heard of this book, even though it is on the New York Bestsellers list and receiving a lot of recognition.  In a nutshell, Anthony William, an amazing medium, receives health and medical information from a voice, who he refers to as Spirit.  His story is amazing and is certainly worth the read to hear his story.  Based on Noel’s description of her medical journey, as well as her progress, I thought, “well heck, it can’t hurt, it is just a diet change.”   I immediately purchased and read the book prior to my next session.

I know what you are thinking, likely the same as I was thinking, “Really? I am so desperate; I am going to take medical advice from someone who hears voices. Is this really where my health is?”  The short version, “Yes, this is exactly where my health is.”  However, after reading the book, I found it fascinating and much in line with information my former chiropractor / practitioner / person who kept me alive, Dr. Earl Anderson has said for years.  Further, the case studies are people JUST LIKE ME!  They too have weird, debilitating symptoms too!  It felt great to read my story on the pages.  There is a special kinship, as through our search for wellness, we have heard similar stories.  We have been told there is nothing wrong, all tests come back ‘normal’, and have been made to feel like all of our pain is all in our head – even though we can’t get out of bed.  We have been shunned by western medicine, because we are difficult cases that don’t make sense as measured by their tests and pharmaceutical drugs.  The people on the pages were my people and I was very excited to meet them!

Anthony William, the medical medium, who has dedicated his life to helping others at the cost of his own sanity, has no medical background. At first, I was unsure, you know the hearing voices thing, but much of the information I was reading made sense based on my interpretation of Chinese Medicine, holistic medicine, conversations with my competent, intuitive, amazing practitioners, and my own research.  So, after a short warm-up period of phasing out meat and dairy, I hopped along my vegan, lettuce lined path.

Although, as I was getting my toes wet, I did have some fears. One of my primary fears were triggering my hypoglycemic reactions by adding fruit back into my diet, especially due to the fact that I was not eating the fat/proteins to balance my sugar levels.  My other concern was detoxing from heavy metals, namely mercury, too quickly, as this can have significant negative, life-long, cognitive effects and damage.  So I took it very slow and really listened to my body.  I also continued to see my nutritionist, Vicki at Pura Vida Northwest, to ensure my body was responding positively to these changes, ensure I was taking the appropriate supplements and dosages for my body, and no new storms were brewing.

Fast forward 6-8 weeks, I have been following Anthony’s protocol, which entails vegan (he suggests raw, which I am about 70% raw), low fat, with specific focus on healing foods. I have been doing a lot of juicing, blending, and shopping, so it is a time intensive protocol, but hey, so is lying in bed unable to function, so I guess it all works out in the end.

In addition to the diet, I have been taking the majority of his recommended supplements and teas focusing on a heavy metal detox, as well as healing from a plethora of health concerns since a young child. Since beginning this new protocol, I have noted an increase functioning of liver, pancreas, thyroid, and reproductive areas / menstruation.  It also seems that after many years, my generalized yeast issues that resulted in back spasms (no fun!) are now under control.  Cue angles singing, because I am now feeling hopeful!

Following 6-8 weeks and have noticed a decrease in my sensitivity to smells and some foods. I was able to tolerate being near the perfume department, garlic breath (I know, I felt so “judgey”, but it really did make me sick), and cleaning products.  I have also increased my tolerance for some foods, such as garlic (I had developed an intolerance that made me feel nauseous after eating) and mangos (I have never been able to properly digest mangos until now, no more stomach cramping).  Many of my other food reactions, such as gluten and some cow dairy products are not recommended anyway, so I have continued to avoid these products.  In addition to food and smell sensitivities, I have also noted positive shifts in my menstrual cycle.  Although it has lengthened, I am experiencing less PMS symptoms, such as cramping, head-aches, as well as difficulties following that hopefully are specific to my system.  Like a cat prepping for sleep, my body had a very lengthy post menstrual cycle routine that was unnecessary.  I can’t say I miss it!

I have not only been able to add fruit back into my diet, but I have not had any blood sugar issues adding it in, which others have stated as well. My theory on this is that my body couldn’t process fruit and animal proteins when in the same diet?  I have heard others report similar observations.

In addition to my own body observations, I continue to hear of other success stories that are truly inspirational.  In a meeting I attended, women reported not only feeling better (i.e, more energy, less pain, and less anxiety), but many have been able to get off all medications for thyroid issues, including Hashimotos – suggesting that, in fact, the thyroid can be healed!  Others have lost diagnosis and have been free of medications for mental health diagnosis.

Of course, it is not all roses and tequila shots; with the good, comes some bumps in the road. Detoxing form anything is always an interesting process.  I remember my first detox, when I did a full yeast elimination diet.  I felt like I had the flu for a full week.  It was miserable!  Detoxing from heavy metals can present differently for each person.  My primary symptom is that I am itchy.  I have little, sores (not visible), on my scalp and each night, I have about a 30 minute itch fest.  It could be worse, way worse!

I highly recommend this book and program for anyone who has struggled with cluster symptoms that are often unexplainable by western medicine. This can include, but not limited to, excessive yeast, fatigue, joint pain/swelling, immune deficiencies, heavy metal overload, mental fog/memory loss, muscle and nerve pain, and just not feeling right.  Anthony not only published the book Medial Medium, he has weekly pod casts on HayHouse radio, and a website full of information at  There are also several Facebook groups that are a wealth of information.  Please feel free to message me for a list.

My family and friends are awesome!  I am sure my family are sick of all of these dietary changes, but they have hung in there with me.  I guess it helps that I am the primary cook and am holding them captive with my mad skills, and by mad skills, I mean, the only one willing to cook.  I continue to adapt recipes to meet my ever changing dietary needs.

I am finding that I can eat Indian food again (I was unable to keep it down a couple months ago), but I do have to be careful about the location if eating out, as some places add gluten.  With this new protocol, I am missing some foods, such as Mexican food, so I continue to experiment.  Last night, I made tacos/salad for our family with chopped mushrooms, spiced as taco meat, topped with cilantro, avocado, and tomato puree and served on a bed of lettuce.  Oddly, I, a HUGE lover of red meat, didn’t miss the meat too much.  Although, watching my husband and daughter wrap theirs in cheese, tortilla, and cream cheese made me think theirs might have been a bit more flavorful than mine ;O).

Observations since I have started this protocol:

  • I don’t miss meat, diary, or alcohol as much as I would have expected.
  • Eating out can be frustrating. I have found breakfast and brunch menus to be the most limiting. It took one experience of sitting in front of an old, out of season, melon-based bowl of fruit to make me confirm there were options on the menu for me. That meal was sad.
  • Vegan restaurants are a total waste of time, as the ‘staple’ foods are grains and potatoes. At a local, very well loved Vegan restaurant, the menu was so limited; I was forced to order the most pathetic salad this side of the Cascade Mountains. The menu was riddled with processed meat substitutions, soy products, potatoes, and grains. It was likely the unhealthiest restaurant I have been to in some time!
  • Detox is always an interesting process.
  • I still have not lost any weight, which proves that this is the universe’s idea of a sick joke.

Here is to your health, happiness, and beginning to living life again . . .