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The Lab Results Are In

lab results

OK, well the results are in!  I have finally received my lab results from my ND (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine). It will take me awhile to better understand what these all mean. However, in a nutshell, I amazed that I am able to get out of bed each morning.  Slithering our of bed counts, right?

During my one hour appointment of revisiting all of my bad decisions in life; food choices, fad diets, emotional, physical trauma’s, my lack of ability to meditate, that have all led me to this moment.  I sit across from my ND, in a beautiful, yet white sterile environment, thinking only of how soon I will be able to return home, to bed.

Each lab test revealed vitamin deficiencies, insulin and blood sugar issues, genetic mutations, hypothyroidism, metal toxicity, and, my personal favorite, Mercury poisoning.  As I turned from one page to another, it became increasingly clear as to why I have been so fatigued and low energy, despite how well I have been regulating my diet, supplements, and lifestyle.  Well, lifestyle is a whole other topic, because it is a huge contributor as to how I got here.  Now, I don’t have one.  Being ill kills your social life!

In an effort to better understand the impact of these results, I wanted to jot down my loose interpretation of what I think I heard and read. However, given the complexity, I think it will take me awhile to truly break the results down to a level in which I can fully grasp.

Methylathion map


HTHFR Genotype Test Result

I was found to have two genetic mutations, we can call one “mom” and one “dad”, as that is really how each present.

C677T Mutation x 2 site Heterozygous

A1298C Mutation x 2 site Heterozygous

  1. Decreased enzyme activity (approximately 50-60% of normal activity)
  2. Increased homocysteine levels
  3. Is correlated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease or thrombosis
  4. Potential methotrexate intolerance and patients may require dosage adjustments or discontinuation (still trying to read this sentence, let alone understand it).

MTHFR is an enzyme involved in the metabolism of folate and homocysteine.

Interestingly, viewing the two mutations using the Methylation Map (above), despite being on a ‘paleo-like’ and now the Keto diet, my body continues to struggle with blood sugar regulation. For years, I suffered from consistent hypoglycemic attacks and it wasn’t until recently that I have been able to better prevent these through diet.

#2 Neurotransmitter (BH4) cycle, effecting Serotonin and Dopamine, MTHFR, adrenal support (mood and adrenal regulation – fight or flight)

#4 Methionine (methylation) cycle, effecting Methionine, Homocysteine, Glutathione (Cardiac and blood sugar)

So I begin another new journey with slightly more knowledge, more supplements to take, and more foods to remove.  Goodbye tuna fish (tuna was my primary diet for 20 years of my life), good-bye all fruits (this is only a test – I love fruit), and once again, alcohol.  Sorry tequila, I have to even abandon you.  Although, technically, you abandon me first by jumping ship first thing the morning after we shared time together.

This time, I am hopeful.

October, 2015



I am a mom, wife, daughter, granddaughter, cat servant, speech pathologist, researcher, animal lover, activist, and now writer of sorts.

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